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Dr Rob Smith child sex abuse lawsuit

Earlier this year (around July 2012), Dr Robert Smith (who works at John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle) was seeing my son in the outpatient clinic in John Hunter Children Hospital for a seizure, as the Paediatric Neurology Consultant. Rob Smith asked for him to remove his pants, and he touched him on the penis. He also brushed the foreskin of his penis because he said he was trying to check whether it could be retracted, and wanted to check that it was clean underneath. As you can see, I was very shocked and angry that he would do this as I saw him trying to masturbate my son, and asked him what he was doing. He said that it was apart of normal check up routine of children, and because he was a paediatrician, even though I came in to investigate my son for seizure, that he would do a full check up. This is the first time that I have ever heard of someone investigating seizure by touching the child’s penis. What’s even worse is that when I tried to ask his office for more information later, he lied to me saying that he was away when he wasn’t, and made up all sorts of stories. The worse part of it is when he asked me to come into his office to see me, and he screamed at me. This guy is someone who, apart from being abusive, has a temperment problem. I believe him to be a psychopath. Many of his superiors have very high views of him and was surprised at this at all, whereas many of his team members and others who work for him know the “true Rob Smith”, as they said. My lawyer has instructed me to make a public appeal to find others who have had similar experience so we can take a class action lawsuit against him. This information will also be separately provided to the police, who have said that these cases can be hard to prove because Dr Rob Smith could say he was retracting my son’s penis for a number of reasons. I have spoken to a few nursing staff who have said that there have been similar reports. If you have been done unjustly, you will know what I mean when I say he deserves to be behind bars. We will also direct all of this to the Australian Medical Council (AMA) who has the authority to ban him from practising medicine ever again. Feel free to email me at butterflyrunner@gmail.com

Source: https://drrobsmith.wordpress.com/

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